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Let’s Shine the Light on C3G

WeC3GTM is a community of people connecting to each other and to information, support, and resources focused on C3 glomerulopathy, or C3G.


The WeC3G Facebook Group is an online community to help expand your network and communication when it comes to C3G. Join now to find others, meet new people, discover similarities and differences, learn more and grow. WeC3G is a moderated Facebook group that encourages members to engage and share. Join the conversation!

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Tools and resources are available to you. Learn more about ongoing studies and clinical trials. Access organizations and advocacy groups for more information. Download valuable tools you can start using right away.

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Become a WeC3G Star by connecting and sharing your story to help to shine the light on this disease. Find out how you can become a WeC3G Star.

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Learn more about the complement system, the kidney, and signs and symptoms to gain a better understanding.

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Learn more about managing C3G now and in the future.

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